August 24, 2013

Crispy Caramel Filled Chocolate TARDIS and Daleks

This month's Doctor Who Saturday is totally easy-mode. If you can use a microwave, you can make these chocolates.

You see, I've recently developed a silicone ice cube tray addiction...
... I mean, ever since finding out how good they were for homemade gummies, I've had little reason not to buy them. So when ThinkGeek sent me an email saying they started carrying Doctor Who ice cube trays, I immediately clicked buy. I'd been thinking about doing some filled chocolates for a while, and with Doctor Who Saturday looming, and a brand new ice cube tray to play with, it was simple.
Now, you could just fill the molds with melted chocolate, stick it in the fridge, and call it a day, but I like to make things unnecessarily complicated. I wanted filled chocolate. With caramel. And crispy rice cereal. And these molds were nice and deep enough that I could do that.
So my TARDISes are filled with crispy caramel treats and timey-wimey stuff. Now, I made my own caramel, but I had some issues with it, so I don't have a recipe for you. But, you can always melt some soft caramels with a little bit of heavy cream, and mix in some crisped rice cereal. Et voila, fancy, homemade filled chocolate candies. That look like TARDISes and daleks.
And may I recommend, that if you want to color your chocolate to get a good TARDIS blue, to use candy coloring. I didn't have any, so I used icing coloring (which is water based), and it caused the chocolate to seize. I added some shortening, which fixed the problem, but it made the chocolate a bit delicate. Hence the reason my TARDIS is so battered. That and the Time War, obviously.
I'm also putting together a Whovian cosplay for New York Comic Con that I'm super excited about. That's going to be some easy-mode crafting, so I might just post a tutorial if it turns out, and I remember to take pictures. Anyone want to guess what it is? Correct guessers win a prize! And by prize, I mean my love and admiration. That's enough of a prize for anyone.

Also, if you know who's playing the 12th Doctor, DON'T TELL ME. I want it to be a surprise. I want the first time I see him to be as the Doctor. Otherwise, he's just some dude that pretends to be the Doctor. I'm really mad that they revealed it so early, since the Doctor won't be regenerating until at least the Christmas special. As far as I'm concerned, they shouldn't have even revealed that Matt Smith was leaving. For all that the Doctor and River Song are so concerned about not giving away spoilers, the BBC seems to thrive on them. I've had to avoid or unfollow pretty much everything I love on the interwebz, so I am very cranky. It shouldn't be so hard to not learn this kind of information.
For how to make filled chocolate candies, see the Wilton instructions here, or check out this episode of Nerdy Nummies.

I bought the Doctor Who ice cube tray here.