May 9, 2014

Stuff and Things 5/9/14

Life as I Know it

SIX MORE DAYS. Six more days until I close. Supposedly.

I'm not going to believe it until it's here.
I can still play it in the Sims. -.-
I've got everybody all confused. My mortgage company sent me an email the other day, and I was kind of worried until I opened it and it was like, "Congratulations on your closing!"

Slightly premature, mortgage company. Shouldn't you know when it is, since that's when I pay you the money? You'd think they'd know.

But I got a couch, so there's that. Well, more specifically, my aunt gave me a couch. It was my cousin's, and it was less expensive for her to buy a new one than to ship it down to DC. Plus its also kind of massive, and she says she didn't like it because the fabric shows your butt imprint. This is a serious concern, but since I'm also kind of obsessed with decorative throw pillows and blankets, I think I can live with it. It might be too massive for my living room, but it's a sectional and comes apart, so I can always put a piece in the bedroom or something.

Other than that, I've been in a kind of limbo, house wise. I saw a really cool 1950's kitchen table in the antique store, in great shape with all four chairs, for actually a decent price, but I didn't want to buy it, not knowing how much room I'll have or where it would go. It's probably not there any more. I've also had my cart full for about 2 weeks of things I need, like a vacuum cleaner and a set of pots, but I can't click buy because it's bulky stuff and I have no where to put it. Meanwhile, the house that will eventually be mine has five big closets and a walk in pantry, and there's even a shared storage space for the building. SO MUCH STORAGE, I NEEDS IT PRECIOUS.

I've been going a little crazy. I'm just frustrated with all this lingering crap.

Oh, but some good news: you know how I talk about the brother and the sister-in-law? Well, she's not actually my sister-in-law, but they've been engaged for forever and a day, so it's just a lot easier to refer to her as the sister-in-law then as my brother's perpetual fiancee. But she's going to be the for-real sister-in-law in October! So I've totally been pushing for storm troopers. And that the officiant should be a dalek. I don't know if I'm going to be a bridesmaid; last time we spoke about it, that was kind of up in the air, since my brother's best friend's wife is due to give birth like two days before so he won't be able to make it. So they were thinking of going with no wedding party, but I said that he could contact the local chapter of the 501st to be his groomsmen. AKA STORM TROOPERS.

And then I was being helpful with the guestlist (ACTUALLY HELPING, I'm so proud of myself), because I'm apparently the only one who knows who's married or engaged or has a steady boyfriend-- just don't ask me the names-- and the sister-in-law looks up and goes, "I'm sorry Kimmy, I never asked; is there someone you're going to bring?"

Guys, I didn't even blink. I just said, "Benedict Cumberbatch. God Mo," I call her Mo, "it's like you don't even know me. How could you forget my imaginary husband?" And basically she just started laughing and we were not getting anything else done after that. But then my mom was like, "You totally should invite him," because I come from a family of enablers, "because if he doesn't show up, he doesn't show up. But he might." And when I told her the RSVP cards would need Royal Mail stamps, she was just like, "So we get some." Because etiquette.

And then Mo had a dream that he did come to the wedding, and she was so happy for me (this is her wedding, might I remind you) and that we were basically giant dorks together the entire night and now she's really down with this idea. And then I was texting a friend this whole story saying I guess I need to find his fanmail address or something since my entire family has decided he needs to be invited to the wedding, and almost immediately, she texted me the fanmail address.

Me: Umm, that was fast. Do you just keep this handy in case I need a date for a wedding?
Her: Maaaaaaaybe

So that's the story of how everyone in my life is conspiring to invite Benedict Cumberbatch to my brother's wedding. I am not saying this is a bad idea by any means, don't get me wrong-- because it was mostly my idea-- but at this point, I feel like I'll be the least disappointed if he doesn't show. Mostly because on the 0.03% chance he does, I'll probably hide in the corner the entire night taking stalker photos.

TV- Here there be spoilers

Castle- I'm happy HRG... err, Senator Bracken is finally behind bars, but I'm not looking forward to next week's episode. The "we can't get married because you were young and drunk and accidentally married your totally unsuitable boyfriend/girlfriend who I may or may not perceive as a rival for your affections" trope has been done and over done to death. I was instantly disappointed when I saw the promo.

Supernatural- I'm so torn. I don't want Dean to hang on to the first blade, because it's clearly no good, and it's totally changing him and I don't like it. But I also want to see him fillet Metatron with it. I really hate Metatron.

Also, I can't decide if Gadreel is setting Cas up or he really switched sides. Cause I gotta say, since he stopped trying to be Ezekiel, I find him a lot more sympathetic. I know he still killed Kevin, but I think he really didn't want to, he just thought he had to. He has kind of been out of the loop since the dawn of humanity and all.

And since Crowley changed the timeline by saving his son, does that mean the Doctor has to come and fix the paradox? (Although, really Supernatural writers, the man was in Doctor Who, and now he's got a time-traveling son. That was a complete missed opportunity for a reference. "Time can be rewritten." That's all he had to say.)

I still miss Benny. Can we go back in time and save Benny?

Arrow- SARA'S BACK!!!!! I was really upset that she left. And the why she left. Now I kind of want to smush her little assassin face. (Although, the blonde wig over the already blonde hair still kind of gets me as not making a whole lot of sense)

MALCOM MERLYN'S BACK!!!!! I laughed for about 5 minutes when we learned he wasn't dead. It was this really intense, dark scene, but I couldn't stop laughing. Because it's John Barrowman. I haven't been this excited for a villain's return since Moriarty, so, yeah.

OLLIE DIDN'T HOOK UP WITH LAUREL BEFORE SARA CAME BACK!!! That was the thing I dreaded happening the most. Not death and destruction. Not Isabel hurting Diggle (although I was really scared that was going to happen. Because Summer Glau + Mirakuru = unstoppable. But then Felicity hit her with a van. *giggle* That's my girl.) But the writers making a stupid love triangle between Ollie, Laurel, and Sara, that was my greatest fear. Black Canary and Green Arrow is canon, okay? And Ollie and Sara make a better couple. (And Laurel is a useless character, okay?)

Except the season finale is next week, and that makes me sad.

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