March 7, 2014

Stuff and Things 3/7/14

Life as I Know it
Well, life has been pretty much eaten up by the house. I had the home inspection on Wednesday, and everything looked good except for some minor issues (the floors in the kitchen and bathroom need to be redone, but they're laminate tile and it's not difficult to do. The ceiling in the bathroom needs a little TLC, but not major, and there were some mold spots, but he checked and they're not in the walls or the insulation, so he said it's probably just from the current owner's humidifier, and just needs to be cleaned). The only major issue he found was that the wiring was aluminum, but so long as it was grounded correctly-- and he's fairly confident it would have been-- it's a non-issue. My realtor checked on the permits today (Thursday), and it looks like the complex had had an electrician through to do just that. So yay!

It also underappraised. Not by much, and my realtor doubts I'll have any trouble getting the mortgage, but she's trying to renegotiate. Best case scenario, I get it for 3k cheaper than we originally agreed upon (or they cover 3k in closing or that amount is made up somewhere). Worst case, I have the option to eat that money or walk away. My attorney made sure that I had that option in the contract. I don't want to walk away, but I have to be prepared to. First rule of negotiations.

Buying a house is hard you guys.

As for the job, more of the same. There's a pissing match going on upstairs to decide how cold I should be while doing my job. They move me to the conference center, then they move me back to the lobby, then to the conference center, then back to the lobby, and now I'm back in the conference center. And not a single person talks to me about it. I've just decided I'm not moving again unless I'm given 24 hours notice. Last time the phone was off for half an hour while I was moving my things back to the lobby, so I don't feel that's unreasonable.

Books- Beyond this point, there be spoilers
Dying to Get Published- Judy Fitzwater
Okay, I'm not usually a mystery genre person. I find them overly dramatic, formulaic, often way too obvious, and just not enough to keep my interest (the classics are the exception. Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle). But I found Dying to Get Published for free on the kindle store, and the premise sounded fun. And let me tell you, the book was a lot of fun.

The book centers around Jennifer Marsh, a wannabe mystery writer, frustrated with all the rejections from many agents and publishers. She hears a story on Oprah about a man who was acquitted of murder and got a multi-million dollar book deal from it. So Jennifer decides that if she can commit murder and get away with it, her publishing troubles would be over with. So she meticulously plans the murder of Penney Richmond, a nasty agent with a poor reputation. She follows through with the plan right up to Penney's front door, and chickens out at the last minute. But when Penney ends up dead, all evidence leads to Jennifer-- exactly as she'd planned.

The humor in this book was what really hooked me. It was dark, almost black, and I giggled the whole way through. The characters were quirky (I especially loved the little old ladies that were actually rather excellent spies), and Jennifer was refreshingly flawed. I didn't care for the love interest though. He was over confident, overly perfect, and came off kind of douchey.

The plot needed a little help (despite Jennifer's well established poor spying skills, she still managed to sneak her way into all the places she needed to, often with a little help from deus ex machina), and the story wasn't perfect, but it was definitely a light, fun read that I really enjoyed.

Castle- Poor Beckett. *Sad face* Although is it weird that I'm happy the uber-baddy is back in play?

Psych- These episodes are making me sad. Everyone's moving on. And Lassie has a baby!

Arrow- OMG, Slade, you are kind of completely terrifying. And it was so surreal to see him just making small talk with Ollie and Moira and Thea. And all the cameras-- creeeepy.

But Felicity-lite episodes make me unhappy. Moar Felicity!

Supernatural- Okay, Dean was totally breaking my heart when he told the story about him and Sam jumping off the roof and how he had to drive Sam to the ER on his bicycle handles. That punched me right in the feels. Seriously Sammy, would you forgive him already? Because which of you slept with a demon, got addicted to demon's blood, and cracked open Lucifer's cage? I'll give you a hint: not Dean.

I'm also kind of really sad that the Ghostfacers broke up. I've just got a lot of emotions, okay?

(Although, you know what makes me giggle? Those "TV now" commercials the CW has with all the actors from their shows kind of wandering in this creepy, psychedelic manner. All the actors from the shows I watch have weapons, and I just have this image in my head that Dean, Ollie, and Diggle are there to murder all the main characters of all the other shows. Like Hunger Games, CW style, and they're the Careers) (My mom said, "what about the vampires? They don't need weapons." Um, Dean Winchester has a machete. Vampires best run for their lives.) (I have nothing against the characters from the other shows. The commercial just makes it look like Dean, Ollie, and Diggle are about to go serial killer on them, and that makes me giggle)

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