March 21, 2014

Stuff and Things 3/21/14

Life as I Know it
Soooooooooo... as I type this, I just got off the phone with my attorney because the sellers tried to pull some shady, backroom dealing on me and cheat me out of $1500.

You know how we finally agreed to the appraisal price if I moved the closing date back two weeks? Well, they'd been dragging their feet about sending the addendum to the contract, and I just found out why. I got a call from my attorney this morning, saying the bank wouldn't forgive the sellers the $3k. I was like, okay, sucks to be them, but not my problem. Then my attorney goes on to say that the sellers were "willing to meet me half way" by dropping the price $1500.

Now, she'd been out of the office the past week, so she was a little behind. I was working pretty exclusively with her assistant and my realtor, not wanting to bother her on her vacation unless I needed to. So I guess she hadn't yet been notified (especially since there was no addendum yet) about the deal, and she thought the sellers' attorney was offering this in good faith. I was like, hold up. We already agreed to the appraised price. I'm confused as to where this is coming from.

The sellers' attorney must have known my attorney was OOO, and was banking on her not knowing about this yet, and figuring how young and inexperienced I was (and my attorney's not exactly and old fart either, although this is not exactly her first rodeo), he could go back on the agreement since it was only verbal and change the price in their favor.

I don't know how much the sellers actually had a hand in this. By all accounts, their realtor was actually upset that this was going on, since it's written in the contract that I can back out if we can't get it down to the appraisal price-- and I would have if they went back on their word; it wouldn't have been worth it-- and they can't get another house until this is settled. So whether their attorney gave them bad advice, or did it on his own, or they goaded him into getting as much money as he could, I'll probably never know, but right now I want to slap all three of them in their faces.

It's cleared up now. Pretty much as soon as my attorney called and went, "my client just told me something interesting..." he faxed over the signed addendum at the agreed upon price. But the whole experience has exponentially decreased my faith in humanity

Good news is, I made my two first official purchases for my new house (provided the sellers don't pull any more dick moves):
The first is a sliding glass door buffet I got from Christmas Tree Shops. It was the last in stock-- actually the display piece-- so I got a good price on it. It's a little dinged up, but still a nice piece of furniture. It's doubtful I'll actually use it as a buffet, since my dining room will be a library, but I might use it as a media cabinet. I have no furniture, so it could go anywhere, lol. The second is a vintage-style tin sign that I found on amazon and fell in love with. They only had 4 left in stock, so I panicked and bought it. That's going in my vintage glam kitchen, obviously. It's also the first thing I bought off my "condo wishlist" so you can say things are getting real now.

I had a dream last night that the condo was secretly a three bedroom, and that made it too long and it took forever to go find the bathroom and I got lost and that's how I discovered the spare bedrooms, and somebody asked me why I put the library in the dining room instead of in one of the spare bedrooms, and I couldn't remember why, so I said that the spare bedrooms were too small. As you can see, this hasn't been on my mind at all. And you can also see just how restful my sleep has been as of late, which is to say, not very.

TV- Here there be spoilers

Castle- Ninjas and no ninja ropes reference? Nathan Fillion, I'm ashamed of you. Also, I kind of thought they were from the League of Assassins. I've been watching too much Arrow.

Supernatural- I was super excited when I saw Kavan Smith guest starring. He was in Stargate: Atlantis (WHAT. We've established I'm a nerd), originally as a background character without a first name. I used to call him Major Cute Guy (because he was Major Lorne, get it?). The fandom called him Scottie the Hottie. Then it turned out his name was Evan and we were all disappointed. And then he played Sheriff Andy on Eureka, so I'm kind of super attached to him.

WHICH IS WHY IT WAS DOUBLY CREEPY WHEN HE WAS ALL KIDNAPPY STOCKHOLM SYNDROME DUDE. I was not even sad when Dean beheaded him. But when are they gonna bring up The whole "directly descended from Cain and Abel" thing? They're ignoring cannon, and this makes me angry.

Arrow- I KNEW that was Harley Quinn in the promo! I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT. They couldn't get away with more than a cameo, but it's still very exciting. I liked that this episode was Diggle-centric. Ever since Black Canary came on the scene, Dig's been kind of background and that upsets me because I love Dig. But I am upset that Laurel got more screen time than Felicity because Felicity is awesome and Laurel is not. Also, one session of AA and Laurel's totally clean and sober and sunshine and rainbows and loves everybody and is giving sage advice? I don't buy it.

And next week-- Do they really expect me to believe Helena stands a chance against Sara? B*tch, please.

Psych- The zombies were fun, and that part was really well done, but this was a little light on actual story. The mystery was obvious. I expected more from the SECOND TO LAST EPISODE EVER.

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