October 18, 2013

Stuff and Things: Special NYCC edition

Life as I Know It
So, NYCC was this past weekend, and it was awesome. My voice took three days to come back (answering the phone at work was super fun, since I had gravely Batman voice. "How may I direct your call? To justice.") (but I apparently picked up a strain of Con Crud with a 72 hour incubation period, because my voice came back, but now I'm sick. -_-) I was able to spy Kayle The Cooking Actress in her natural habitat. :P And I got paparazzi'd like whoa. The minute I walked in on Friday, I had a River Song run up to me and ask to take my picture. And it didn't stop. You guys know I love my costume. It was comfortable to wear all day, it was obviously the TARDIS, and I'm still super proud of those panels. But I'm not the first person to do a TARDIS cosplay, and I figured mine was relatively simple enough that it wouldn't stand out.
I figured wrong. The bestie was walking with me, and she was like, "I feel like I'm with someone famous." People kept coming up to me saying they loved my costume, or pointing and going, "OMG, it's the TARDIS," or tapping me on the shoulder and asking for my picture. My social anxiety was not prepared for that. But I didn't freak out-- actually, I had a goofy, semi-embarrassed grin on my face most of the time-- and everyone was really sweet. I've heard horror stories about female cosplayers and the comments they receive and how they get cred-checked constantly. None of that happened; I guess nerds on the East Coast are just better than nerds in San Diego. Pwned. Anyway, if you see my pics elsewhere on the interwebz, send me the link.

My favorite part was probably the fact that everyone kept thinking the bestie was Martha Jones, and she had no idea who that was. A couple people wanted her picture too. I was very amused. (That's what you get for not dressing up for comic con. Honestly.)
Now, I'm completely terrible at taking pictures, but I do have a couple for the people who were begging me. Mostly of my M&M dressed up as Kaylee for Kid's Day. I'm a sucker for babies.

Movies- Beyond this point, there be spoilers

So, I finally watched Thor, since The Dark World is coming out soon, and I wanna see it, since it's got the Ninth Doctor, the dreamy Tom Hiddleston, and I just discovered, the even dreamier Zachary Levi.

Anywho, Thor was just a bit... meh. I mean, it wasn't terrible. I just feel like they tried to stuff way too much story in not enough time-- which, to be fair, is the exact opposite problem most action movies have, so it's a step in the right direction. It could totally have been split into two movies: one as a set up of life on Asgard and Thor and Loki's full backstory, with more about the war with Jotunheim and how the truce came about; and one about Thor's banishment on Earth, and Loki's behind-the-scenes machinations. I mean, Loki said that Odin always favored Thor, and he said that all he ever wanted was to be equal to Thor in Odin's eyes, but I didn't see that. When Loki discovered he was a Jotun, Odin seemed truly distressed at his son's pain. He never denied Loki was his son, neither did Frigga, and even after everything, Thor mourned his brother. Really, Loki just came off looking like a giant dick. I get having an existential crisis learning that you're adopted, and that you're actually a monster, and Odin falling into the Odinsleep was not good timing, but he started before all of this, letting the Jotuns into Asgard to ruin Thor's moment of triumph.

And did I miss the romance bit? Jane and Thor knew each other for about 2 days. Maybe 3. But all of a sudden it's all, they're in lurve and Thor is now worthy of Mjolinar because of Jane's love changed him and he swears that he'll come back for her and it's supposed to be this humongo deal that destroying the Bifrost means he can never get back to her. And I'm just sitting there like, did I miss something?

It would have totally been better if instead it went something like:
Thor: How do the people of Midgard commence courtship?
Jane: Generally they start by going on a date.
Thor: Then Jane, will you consent to going on one of these dates with me?
Jane: *Coy, embarrassed* Umm, yeah, I guess. I'd like that.
*Epic battle, town destroyed, Thor gets his hammer back, has to go back to stop Loki*
Thor: I swear to you, I will return.
Jane: You'd better. You still owe me that date.
*Thor kisses the back of her hand, because adorable, and goes off to do heroic things*

Makes more sense, and makes Jane less annoying. Because she was all like, "oh, hey, you're totally a god? Let's make out!" Yeah, no. Plus, it's still obvious that they like each other, and that Thor has a reason to go back to Earth without being sickening and making me want to slap people. Hey Marvel, have your people call my people. I'll bring the cupcakes, you bring the Whedon. We'll work something out.

Castle- Is this going to be the theme of the season? Every time Beckett and Castle run into a problem, deus ex machina swoops in and problem solved? I expect better of you guys. (And his codeword should totally have been apples. Continuity, people.)

Supernatural- This season's going to EPIC. I still think Ezekiel's going to turn out evil or something. This week's episode I could take or leave-- I watched it only this morning, and it didn't make much of an impression-- but I'm totally excited to see how this season turns out. Moar Cas!!!

Agents of SHIELD- This episode was much better. Because more time was spent on Coulson and Agent May, like I've been saying should happen since the pilot. I have hope now that the show will stop sucking.

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