October 25, 2013

Stuff and Things 10/25/13

Life as I know it
I've been getting over a cold, so there's not a whole lot to report on this front. Just work stuff: a guy urinated in the parking lot, a kid threw up on the carpet, called a couple ambulances. You know, the usual.

My life is this.

NaNoWriMo is also fast approaching. I'm not sure where to go with my plot (I tried outlining, I swear. You know what I wrote? There will be angsting, blah, blah, blah. This is why I don't outline.) and I still don't have a title. -.- You can see my synopsis here, and maybe give me suggestions. :D

Movies- Beyond this point, there be spoilers

So I finally watched Cabin in the Woods. I'm not normally a horror movie kind of girl, since I'm a total wuss and scare really easily, but I had to. Because of the Whedon (and Drew Goddard's pretty awesome, too). So my sick self popped in the DVD, snuggled down onto the couch with my Mickey Mouse blanket and a purring kitty that I could hold during the scary parts, and I finally watched it.

It was a seriously good movie. Not my usual fare, since I'm not really into zombies or gore. It sort of made fun of your average B-movie slasher flick without venturing into spoof territory. It was a really interesting take on the why behind all these teenagers in horror movies: why they always fit in certain stereotypes; why they always end up in these creepy places in the middle of no where; why you would ever read the Latin out of the old journal that you found in the even creepier basement of the creepy cabin in the middle of the creepy woods. It turns out that there's this big, nameless organization running everything behind the scenes. There's a control room and operators in this sort of bunker, like an old 60s-style mission control. The reason why the creepy mission control is doing this is revealed slowly throughout the movie, and that's going to be one thing I won't spoil. But like a lot of Whedon stories, you come to that point where you're really not sure who to root for. Also like a lot of Whedon stories, it doesn't exactly have a happy ending.

There were a few parts that I felt reached a little too far, especially on the part of creepy mission control, and there were two things that were in the movie that I felt needed more explanation. First was the 2-way mirror they found in the bedrooms-- was the whole point of that really just a plot device so they knew they could break the glass to get between the rooms? Seems a little much. The second was the "glitch from upstairs" that nearly ruined creepy mission control's plan. They could have left it as a throw away line that there was a glitch and that would have been fine. But when they said the glitch came from upstairs, they made a big deal about it, but it was never explained as to what that meant. I mean, when they talked about the "basement" you kind of figured they were talking about the depths of hell or whatever, so when they made a big deal about "upstairs," I thought it was divine intervention or something, but it didn't make sense as to why that would happen.

(Also, I feel like a lot of fools probably died in the movie, so why did it specifically have to be Marty? That's a minor point, and I might have missed the explanation to that in the movie, but I'm curious.)

It wasn't the scariest of horror movies, though it had it's moments, and was rather more intellectual than most, so if you're like me about horror movies, I'd recommend it for your Halloween viewing pleasure.

Castle- By far, one of my favorite episodes of all time. I was super fangirly excited for Joshua Gomez as the time traveler/crazy person, and he was amazing. The only thing that could have made it better was if the baddie was played by Chris Eccleston or John Barrowman or someone else from the Whoniverse. (And Castle, don't make fun of Espo for watching Doctor Who. I mean, really.) (Although, a fan would call him the Doctor, not Doctor Who, so that might have been Castle doing a hipster, "Dude, do you even watch Doctor Who?") (Espo totally could have meant the screwdriver from Doctor Who. I'm just trying to excuse Castle's behavior.)

Agents of SHIELD- *headdesk**headdesk* Last week's episode showed promise, but this week's was one of the worst. The storyline wasn't the most coherent, and a top-secret organization like SHIELD keeping on an admitted traitor like Skye? Suspension of disbelief out the window. And now they're basically just rehashing stories from Heroes. Also, why would you let the creepy lady that kidnapped you inject you with an unknown substance? If she was on the up and up, she wouldn't have kidnapped you. Just saying.

Supernatural- DEAN, NO. WHAT ARE YOU DOING???? YOU CAN'T KICK CAS OUT!!!!! That's it, Ezekiel's definitely evil. Did you even see Cas' sad, kicked puppy expression? ONLY EVIL KICKS THAT TO THE CURB. Also, Dean, have you learned nothing? When has lying to Sam ever resulted in anything good happening? Oh that's right, NEVER.

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