January 10, 2014

Stuff and Things 1/10/14

Life as I Know it
You guys, I almost forgot about Stuff and Things this week. And that would have been a scandal because the job has been totes cray cray all week. And I never say things like "totes cray cray" so that just lets you know how cray cray it been.

First, you know that cold snap we had this week? The sub arctic vortex thingy of wintery death? The lobby, where I sit all day, every day, is impossible to heat at the best of times. The 4 doors I have on either side of me have ginormous gaps in them, because our landlord is an a-hole and doesn't get that if he fixes them, it would help heating costs. Then, the lobby is open all the way to the roof (hence the echo problem), which had a skylight, obvi. Then the wall behind me is 100% windows. It is seriously the worst design and I sit in my winter coat huddled over a semi-illegal space heater all winter.
This is not a new problem. The vortex thingy didn't come upon us suddenly. We knew it would be cold, and we knew the lobby would be freezing because that's what it does in the winter. But Bossmans 1 and 2 were acting like this was news to them. They waited until the morning of to do anything about it, then they were scrambling around like this had taken them by surprise, trying to find more heaters and talking to IT to see if they could move my equipment. Which they did, in the middle of the day, confusing all guests and employees, and meaning the phone was off for 20 minutes during the busiest time.

Then, then, a temp (not one of mine, thank goodness) came in wanting to reactivate a loaner badge she'd had out for 3 weeks (loaner badges are only meant for 1 day use), and I told her she couldn't have a loaner because she'd had that out for so long. She copped an attitude (nothing new), interrupting me, trying to make it my fault. G, who had been standing by-- who does security with me, by the bye-- stepped in to explain procedure. To which the temp snapped, "I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to her."

Then an employee who we'd been talking to, who's a sweet as pie older guy and just happens to be one of the higher ranking executives in the building, stepped in to try and diffuse the situation, to which she responded, "I wasn't talking to you. I'm still talking to her."

Bitch, you know me. You want to cop an attitude with me, that's fine. You don't talk like that to an executive who is also the nicest guy in the building. And she had no clue who he was. He could have been a visitor, a client, the owner of the company. I had to report her to HR. I'm not a narc guys, but there was a client meeting going on not 10 feet away. If one of them had walked out and witnessed this, gotten involved, and she spoke to them like that, it could have caused the company mucho dinero. As it was, I had a director from a different department walk in at the end of this asking me if this sort of thing happens all the time. I laughed it off and said it was a first, but he pressed on and said, "But you get that attitude a lot?" I shrugged and said it happens, and he had this look on his face like
Then I hear from one of the mailroom guys--who I happen to work with-- that the HR rep from the temp's department was asking who G's manager was. Apparently the temp went to her complaining about how nasty G was when she asked to see the girl's manager. And the HR rep tells him the story. Um, no. I took I/O psych, that is a big breach of confidentiality. So the HR rep schedules a meeting with Bossman, but comes down to see me, no warning, before that, so I could tell her what had happened. She then apparently twists my words when speaking to Bossman, who then told G, who argued with him over what I had meant. But guess who he doesn't ask? That's right, the person who actually said the thing in the first place because Bossman is apparently scared of me or something. He never comes to talk to me, even when it's about things concerning me.

Then we had two interviews who didn't know their own names. Two guys came in at the same time, I called their respective contacts, one goes to the restroom. An employee comes down to pick up the first guy, I'm busy handling a badge for an employee, not really paying attention. She goes to the guy in the waiting area, says, "Hi, Scott?" and the guy stands to shake her hand. They go upstairs. The other guy comes back from the restroom, and a recruiter comes to pick him up, at the same time her next appointment comes in. There's a little confusion as the new guy signs in, but she goes to the one who's been waiting, says, "Hi, Robert?" and the guy stands up to shake her hand. They go upstairs. Then I get a call from the employee who picked up the first guy saying, "This guy is not my interview." Well, not my fault your guys don't know their own names.

And lest I forget, Monday at 1:15 in the morning, a transformer on my street blew up or something. There was this loud electric buzzing noise and white flashing light, and power went out for about 45 minutes. But nobody seems to know anything about it, and there's nothing on the interwebz about it and I just
First full week of the year, guys. I think I'm going to bed now.


Castle- Eh, not my favorite. Seemed a little too implausible.

The Wrong Mans- Super funny show, if you're a fan of British humor.
"You took a bullet for me"
"That's what friends do, right?"
"I'm wearing a bullet-proof vest."
"...I wish you had told me that earlier."

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.- The friend who decided Coulson's "Tahiti" was actually the Dollhouse, has now decided that not only does SHIELD run the Rossum Corporation, but it becomes the Alliance in the future (Firefly-verse). It has to change its career at some point, because it's pretty much the shittiest secret agency ever.

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