February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Remember that super-secret surprise I mentioned yesterday? The one I couldn't take pictures of because I can't keep a secret and would totally spill the beans? Well, it turns out that the secret was a cookie bouquet commissioned for my professional photographer cousin by her husband. So you get pictures anyway. And they're good pictures, even. Professional pictures. Aren't you glad I didn't take them?

I have a friend who's also a professional photographer, and she posted something on facebook the other day. It was something like: a photographer goes to a dinner party. The host says to her, "You take great pictures. You must have a great camera." And the photographer replies, "Dinner was wonderful. You must have a great oven." And it's so true. Cameras (and ovens) do make a difference, but it takes skill. I mean, I barely recognized my own work here:
My first reaction was, "Ooh, where did she get the cute owls?" From me, of course.
So, in conclusion, I have a great oven. I mean, picture taking takes mad skillz and respect for those that have them.

I used LilaLoa's recipe for the chocolate cookies. It was awesome. Me and roll-out cookies don't usually get along. The chilling and the rolling and the sticking and the stretching...urgh. But these cookies didn't require chilling and were easy to use and make. They've caused me to form a truce with roll-out cookies. I also made real royal icing for the first time ever to decorate these cookies. I just used the recipe that came with Wilton's meringue powder and added a few drops of vanilla extract. It ended up tasting marshmallow-y, which was fine, but I think I prefer my cookies unfrosted just the same. Still, how cute are they?