DIY Dalek Cosplay
Hi, I'm Kim. I'm a nerdy baker with a passion for all things sweet and sci-fi. You've somehow stumbled onto my little corner of the internet. I'm sorry about that. But for some reason, you've decided to stick around and check things out, so yay you!

You want to hear my story? Well, I don't have much of one. Baking was never a thing I really thought I had much of a talent for. Then out of the blue one day, my best friend said that we should open a cupcake shop together. She was working and going to school at the time, and I had recently graduated and was unemployed, so I shrugged and said I'd learn how to bake cupcakes.
Neapolitan Cupcakes
I bought a couple of cookbooks to start with, and I read them. Cover to cover. From the intro in the beginning, to the glossary at the end, and every tip and recipe in between. I learned things I had never known-- that "softened butter" was not the same as "half melted butter," that eggs should always be room temperature unless you're separating them, that different kinds of flour were different for a reason.

My thirst for knowledge had been woken up. I needed to know more, so like any nerd in this day and age, I turned to the benevolent Lord Internet. It was there I first discovered this thing known as a baking blog. I was fascinated and I played with the idea of starting my own, but I was hesitant. I didn't know the first thing about how one might develop a recipe, and it seemed a cheat to only post recipes out of cookbooks. So I kept baking and practicing and reading blogs and collecting cookbooks (and reading them. Obvi).

But then it was November of 2011, and I was procrastinating writing my NaNoWriMo novel because it was trying to kill me (romantic themed mainstream fiction. Not usually my thing, and writing it was like pulling teeth. Ugh. I hate that novel), so I decided to sign up for a blogger account and give it a go.
S'mores Mud Pie
In the time since writing this blog, I've learned that while I still have no clue what I'm doing, especially when it comes to developing recipes, it doesn't mean I can't do it or that it won't turn out well. I rely very heavily on my patented method of "throw things into the mixer until it looks right and then put it in the oven and hope it comes out edible," and it somehow works out more often than not. I make no excuses for myself, either. If I never wanted to fail, I'd follow the stinkin' recipe, but that's just not the kind of baker I am.

My main goal in writing this blog is to never censor myself (well, I do try to keep things PG, but anyhow). I talk about what I want to talk about, write what I want to write, bake what I want to bake. I talk a lot in parenthetical asides. I craft my own costumes for NYCC. I don't like too much sugar in my frosting. Carrot cake can stay very, very far away from me. I will never apologize for being me.
"Darth" Chocolate Cupcakes
So if you don't mind your cupcakes with a side of nerd, your nerd with a side of cute, and your cute with a side of snark, stick around and let's be pals. If I can amuse you with embarrassing aspects of my life, I promise to always do so.